Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Potato sponge

I use the sponges with the scrubby part on one side and the sponge on the other for washing dishes - you know what I mean?

Anyway - when I cook potatoes with the skins on - I like to scrub the skins real well. I have found that the scrubby part of a new sponge works great.

But I didn't want anyone to use my potato sponge for anything else - like washing dishes or wiping the counter - so, since I only use the scrubby part of the sponge, I took a permanent marker and wrote a large P on the sponge side - P for potato.

I keep the sponge under the sink and have let my DH know what the P means.

So far so good - no mixing it up with the other sponges.

Another tip - green sponges are what I normally use for dishes - so I bought pink ones for washing the sink - Pink for sink, so it is easy for me and DH to remember :)

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