Thursday, 28 February 2008

My fabric stash

I decided I would post pictures of my fabric stash - this stuff is like crack to me.

I love the colours, oh and the patterns, oh and the textures.

I have a hard time bringing myself to actually use some of it - I love it that much.

Hey at least it is not fattening right?

This pile will become two crazy quilt pillows - I don't know for who yet - I bought the blouse at Value Village because I liked the embroidery.

This pile will become a crazy quilt pillow for my mother in-law for Mother's day - she doesn't read the blog.
Notice the colourful fabric at the bottom of the picture? It came from this - I cut it from the inside bottom hem as I didn't want to cut into the actual blouse yet - if I find just the right chair to use for sewing, I will cut into the blouse to make a seat cushion - otherwise it will remain hanging art on my door.

These I have been gathering for some time. Most are large pieces I can use as backing for quilts.

These too. They are to finish the quilt blocks I started making years ago - one day it will be on my bed.

And these.

Oh ya then there are these that I bought from eBay and planned to make into a quilt but my sister suggested a tablecloth and now I am not sure.
I have several ideas floating around in my brain on what to make with all these glorious fabrics - one day I will make them :)


Jean said...

Wow! Quite the stash! I love the colours for your mother-in-law's pillow. You are motivating me to pull out my stash and reorganize it. Sometimes I think fabric doesn't get used just because it's not stored with the right other fabrics, and easily accessible...beckoning me to handle it and make something.

Debs said...

wow!! you could supply a store there! :) i know how you feel about not wanting to use it, i am just the same with my scrapbooking stuff :) Debsxx