Friday, 22 February 2008

New quilt started

So I bought this floral fabric last week at Value Village that I find simply luscious. It kept calling to me to use it for something now!

So I decided today to start a new quilt with it. I also happened to buy a co-ordinating solid teal the same day - but didn't realize until later that they actual go together quite well.

Now my usual way of doing things is to just jump right in and begin - cuz I hate to wait!
But today I actually took a bit of time and planned my quilt - wow what a concept huh?
I usually just start to sew and then fudge to fit and paint to match later. Nope this one I planned. Guess I am maturing huh - Bout time. :)

So here is my plan.

And then of course I can't do things the way they are supposed to be done - cut all the squares then sew etc...nope I cut enough squares to get me started then began making the blocks. I used 6 inch squares cuz that is the width of my quilt ruler - I am all about easy I tell ya!

Once I had a few blocks done I cut the burgundy squares (fabric I already had - also bought at Value Village - maybe I should call it the Value Village quilt..)to size and started piecing the rows together.

Told ya I don't like to wait - I want to see what things are going to look like now. So at this point I have sewn a row of 3 blocks and a row of 5 blocks together and then joined them - got that? No check out the picture and you will see what I mean.

The colours didn't come through correctly in the pictures. The green is actually teal and the red is a burgundy. Kind of looks Christmasy in the photo but it is not really.

I'll update more as I do more.

Happy quilting!

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