Sunday, 17 February 2008

New to me dresser

I got a new dresser for my office/sewing room from my sister (actually she had to convince my nephew to give it up :)).

Hubby wants to know why I need another dresser - I gots stuff man!
He doesn't get that I have a fabic addiction and need places to hide ummm store it :)

So here it is -ta da!
It is made of maple, was built in Quebec and is 31 yrs old. Cool huh? :)

Look here to see how much better it looks than the dinky lil dresser that used to be there~(that is now just to the right of the bookcase on the adjacent wall-cause I can't get rid of it yanno! I gots stuff!~ I tell Ya)

It even matches my el-cheap bookcase's faux wood colour.

Doesn't the quilt look so much better over this wider dresser? Ya I think so too.

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