Monday, 25 February 2008

Rambling about cats

So we still have Princess visiting with us.

So far things are going well as far as my husband's allergies are concerned.

However,...he is concerned that Princess keeps jumping on the counters. The thought that she has been in the litter box then on the counters really freaks him out. I guess it does me too if I think about it - better not to think about it :)

We have been putting her in the powder room (her litter box is in there too) over night to ensure she doesn't go on the counters. Update: The last few nights she has been in the kid's room with the door closed.

So we were hoping, if this short-haired cat didn't bother DH's allergies, that we would get our own kitten - but won't we still have the same problem with it jumping on the counters? We can't lock a kitten up in the bathroom every time we sleep or are out of the house.

I had two cats before I got DH and his allergies LOL

I don't remember if they got on the counters or not - I'm sure they did and I just didn't stress about it.

So what do we do to keep cats off the counters? Any good ideas?

To help you think - here are a few pics of Princess - the kid simply loves her.

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