Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Great Razor!

Yes I know this edition of WFMW is supposed to be about online shopping but you know what? Other than eBay occassionally, I don't shop online. Sorry folks.

I use the Schick Quattro razor for woman. This razor is great!

I used to use the el-cheapo disposable razors but no more. Now the refill blades for this razor are a little pricey - about $12 for 4 blades, but these blades last quite awhile so they probably end up costing the same as the cheapo ones that I can only use a couple times before the blade dulls.

Another thing I do to help these last longer, is to shave everyday - yes you read that right - or at least every time I shower (which is usually everyday unless I am being lazy and don't have to go out anywhere).

I used to hardly bother shaving in the winter time because I wasn't going to be wearing shorts or skirts so who cared (except poor hubby). It was always a hassle because I let it go so long that I would get razor bumps and hated having to shave out of the shower (eyes are bad and I need to make sure I got all the offensive hairs and can't wear glasses in shower :D).

I do a quick shave every time I shower - takes only a minute and if I happen to miss a spot its no big deal because I shaved yesterday and there isn't that much to shave off anyhow. That is why I think that the blades last longer - shorter softer hair to cut.

This Works for me and my husband appreciates not having to brush up against a cactus in bed anymore :D

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Jane said...

my favorite razor is my husband's gillette 3 (or mach or something?). men's razors are heavier and, imho, better balanced and just more of a real precision tool, you know?

ok, just kidding about the pseudo-techinical stuff, but, seriously, have never found a women's razor to compare.

to keep my husband happy (or ignorant) about my using his razor, i buy replacement blades in bulk and switch often. awesome!

Sara said...

I use a man's gillette mach 3, too, although my husband finally made me get my own. I swear the blades last longer than even good women's blades.

Laura said...

You totally inspired me to start shaving my legs more often in the winter time! :)

Pam said...

Thanks for stopping by today.

Great advice and the razor is similar to mine.