Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - Writer's Idea/Memory Journal

I like to write - I like to write anything really - I actually like the act of putting a pen to paper and writing the old fashioned way. I do journal but that is mostly personal stuff and a way to get things off my chest.

Sometimes I want to write but I just can't settle on a topic. I know they have writer idea books out there that you can buy that provide you with a topic to write about but instead of spending money I decided to create something myself.

I bought cheap ruled journals at the dollar store and some handmade paper also from the dollar store ($2 so far if you are keeping track). I covered the journal in the handmade paper and podgied it (you know that white stuff - looks like white glue - prob is) anyway, it made it looks all shiny and new :)

Then I cut out a bunch of images from Country Home and Martha Stewart Living (bought at the thrift shop) and used a glue stick to place the images randomly every couple pages or so.

So now when I want to write, I just open this journal, doesn't have to be at the beginning or where I left off last time, look at a photo and write what comes to mind.

The photo may invoke memories from your childhood, which you could write about. It could be completely different from anything in your life and you can write about the differences. You can simply write a few words that come to mind while looking at the image. You can create a fantasy based on the picture. Anyway you write about it - just do it. It gets the creative juices flowing and that is what i care about.

Now I can't really claim this idea as my own as I first saw something similar on Jewels' blog, Eye's of Wonder (which is private now and I miss SO much).

Jewels created a similar journal with photos and images and simply jotted notes down for each day, what they would do that day, task to be completed etc...a really pretty To-Do list in essence. Hers are on blank page journals but I used a lined book - it really is up to you.

So here are the pictures.

The front of the journal. I added some words from scrapbook paper as wells as some dried miniature pansies I had.

The back of the journal.

Images on pages - some small.

Some large.

Some may remind you of your childhood.

Some may not.

The journal does get kind of puffy after you add a lot of photos, but I think that just adds to it's charm :)
Either way - it gets me writing and thinking about beautiful things, and that Works for me - get more great tips over at Shannon's place.


Simple Journeys said...

Wonderful idea!! You would probably enjoy the craft of altered books. I do much the same thing except I collage and stamp in old books. Come by my site and see what you think. We might could share ideas. I already like yours!

Annikke said...

Very cool idea!!!

Kit said...

Great idea! I think the cover is so lovely!

tootie said...

Cool idea! It definitely gives some life to the journal - and maybe some inspiration for writing!

Debs said...

wow this is a great idea! i love your book too...:) Debsxx