Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Kitchen tip Tuesday - 4 Tips

1. Keep store bought French or Italian bread fresh longer.

You know how Italian or French bread comes in those paper bag wrappers from the store. If you have ever left it in that wrapper overnight, you know that it doesn't keep it fresh.
What I do, put it back into the paper wrapper but then place inside a grocery bag and twist the bag closed and wrap the handles under. This keeps the bread fresh for several days (not that it ever lasts that long).

2. Easy read recipe cards.

Place a fork, handle down into a tall glass - place the recipe card into the tines of the fork - now the recipe is right where you can read it.

3. For kids that don't care for milk.

I warm a glass of milk in the microwave, add a splash of vanilla and a smidgen (1/8 tsp?) sugar - mix and serve. My son loves this treat just before bed. (Make sure kids brush their teeth after the milk, not before).

4. Special coffee.

I drink instant coffee every morning - I don't drink enough to make a pot of real coffee. To make instant special, I add a tsp of hot chocolate poser to my instant coffee. Homemade Cafe mocha!

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Sonshine said...

Great Tips! Might have to give the easy read recipe card tip a try! :)

Unknown said...

I like the card idea. I have used clothes pins too. That warm milk thing/trick you have got going on there so good but doesn't the milk get sour? I am not a milk drinker so this sounds kind of if to me.

Kim said...


The milk doesn't get sour. I just microwave it for about 30 secs (you may like it hotter) then add the sugar & vanilla - my son loves vanilla, so I add about 1/2 tsp.

Kinda tastes like a warm vanilla shake :)

Anonymous said...

Love the recipe card trick!

That will surely keep me from losing it!!!!

Thanks a bunch!


Mom2fur said...

Oh, I love the Italian bread tip! We sometimes end up with half a loaf, and you're right...it's never as good. I sometimes wrap it in foil, but that's a lot of foil to use. I'm definitely going to try you tip!
I was telling my son the other day that warm milk would help him sleep better. I think I might have to try this recipe!

Every good and perfect gift said...

Love the recipe card holder idea. So clever! Thanks for sharing