Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Latest quilt project

First a couple pics of my kid at the Science Centre on friday - he was in this thing that simulated a tornado - you can see it better in the 2nd pic.

Oh and next a lovely picture of how messy my sewing room gets while I am working on a project.
This was actually just after I picked up a couple bags of fabric from a person on Freecycle - so I was sorting :) although, most of that mess is of all my previously owned fabric.
Ok on to my new project - I mentioned buying some cloth napkins the other day right? well this is what they have become so far.

First I tacked a flannel receiving blanket to the wall to simulate a quilt design wall - works pretty well actually.

The first picture is just the squares on the wall - they all didn't fit - the bottom row is there, but the sides and top are not.
Then this next picture has the bottom rows sewed together.
And the last picture has all the rows sewed up but not yet sewed to each other- which should be nice and finicky - trying to get all the squares to match up - I see a bunch of seam ripping in my future :)

It is still missing the center square - I haven't decided what to put there as yet. My son thinks it should be something drastically different like a shocking red. Opinions?

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