Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Word Association

Whenever my son has to remember something we try to come up with a word association to help.

For instance – he is studying the human body. He told me that arteries and veins take the blood to and away from the heart, but he kept forgetting which did which. We looked and saw that is was the arteries that take the blood away from the heart, and the veins that take it to the heart. So I told him to remember that A goes with A – artery and away. The arteries take blood away. If he can remember that, he just needs to know that what is left go together. He finds it so easy to remember now.

Sometimes there aren’t words that start with the same letter and it is not so easy, then try having them in alphabetical order or with a rhyming word.

Another example – I always confuse stalactites and stalagmites (cave formations), one hangs down, one grows upwards. Now I remember the one with the double T (stalactite) is on the top/roof. So Double T=top, I now remember stalactites are the ones that hang down from the top.

Another – there are so many types of fat out there today and it is hard to remember which are really bad for us versus, those just kinda bad and then those that are ok for us.

So what I did, I read that monounsaturated fats are acceptable for us. As apposed to saturated which is bad for us. So my way of remembering is – m for monounsaturated, and M for Mother. Mother is good, so monounsaturated is good.

I know kind of weird – but it works for me and I never forget which is which once I set up word associations.

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Anonymous said...

An easy way to remember about stalactites and stalagmites: The first hang "tight" to the top; the second "might" get there if they keep trying. ;)

Krista said...

The one I learned in school was stalaCtites hang on the Ceiling, and stalaGmites sit on the Ground. (it's the c and the g...ceiling and ground...)

oh amanda said...

I do word associations all the time. It must be how our brains work. I do rhymes to remember,

ONE rhymes with BUN. So, if my list includes bananas, I picture bananas on a hamburger bun.

TWO rhymes with SHOE. So, if my list includes soap, I might picture a liquid soap pump coming out of the shoe.

Then 3/tree, 4/door, 5/beehive, 6/sticks, 7/heaven, 8/gate, etc.
I do it with lists up to about 10. I guess my mind can only rhyme that far! ;)

Get it? LOL. It's weird, but it works for me!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

I love these! Thanks!

mk99 said...

With all the talk of cholesterol over the past few years, I kept getting confused when I got my test results about the LDL and HDL thing.

So I associated HDL with H for Heart and High - it is good for your heart for this number to be as high as you can get it.

LDL should low = L = low.