Friday, 18 April 2008

Frugal Fridays - Revisit what you already have

I have really been on a sewing kick lately. I have been making totes galore.
I have also been reading several sewing blogs about finding great fabric at amazing prices at thrift stores.

I would really like to go to the thrift store and find more luscious fabric but in truth, I really don't have that money to spend, even at the thrift store.

So what did I do? Well I started digging into the stash of fabric I already have - and to my surprise I found a lot that I had forgotten about. Pieces that will work wonderfully with what I have in mind.

I started organizing my fabric into co-ordinated project piles. I really do have enough fabric. I would love to find some great deals at the thrift store - but that can wait - I have enough for now.

Sometimes the "Wants" can be very loud - you just have to stuff a piece of fabric in their mouths :)


Ellen said...

A great example for using what you have. I haven't looked at my left over fabric in awhile. Maybe I'll get to that today. Whenever my girls want new fabric for a project, I tell them that they can look for it on the $1 a yard table at Wal-Mart. Or, sometimes we use the good parts of old clothing or hand-me-downs. That's a great place to find quilt squares.

BarbaraLee said...

I'm working on sewing my own clothes. Right now we did a few changes in some rooms so I can finally set up a sewing area.

Mom2fur said...

I love to sew, too! One thing I've done is to divide up my scraps by color. I can make better use of them that way. Small pieces of coordinating, or even contrasting, fabric can be use for facings, cuffs, or collars or pockets. I also try to go through my patterns once in a while and see what I can 'match up' with fabric I have on hand.
I just hit Joanne's tonight and spent about $60 between fabric and patterns. I don't get there often--it's an hour's drive away. So I 'stock up.' I said to my husband as I walked out of the store, "now I'd better actually make use of all my fabric and patterns!"
Alas, I've never found fabric at the thrift store! But it's a great place to find interesting buttons. I just cut them off of $2 shirts!

HoneyB said...

What a great post. I love your attitude!