Wednesday, 23 April 2008

More toting!

I have really been on this tote making kick - it is just so easy and addictive to make something so cute so fast.

Here is one I made - I wanted it to be rigid- I put cardboard wrapped in packing tape into the sides and the bottom - it works but not ideal - I am sure there is something out there to make bags rigid - probably really stiff interfacing - but I wasn't going to the store so I made do. Just can't wash it LOL. I had this fabric left over from drapes at my old house and I have covered my dining room chairs in it too.

Here a couple more in the works - you can see the first one is just pinned so far - I really want to get something to make the bottom hard before I sew it up. I think this one will be for my sister for Mother's Day and the next one, which is almost the exact same will be for my Mother In-law for Mother's Day.

I have a lot more of that dusty rose fabric and am thinking to make a third one. I will let the winner of my Giveaway chose between the purple tote and the new dusty rose one.

Do you think these would sell? Like in Etsy or something? If so, how much do you think I should charge? If I keep making them - I will have to have something to do with them :)


mk99 said...

I think they definitely would sell. My boss' wife sells all her sewing projects - stockings, quilts, tote bags, door hangers, etc. Her bags go for $20-$25.

I love the green one.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Of course they would sell. Shopping totes are in right now... people really go for these. I love the one you made for me in the swap, I use it almost every day to carry my lunch and other things at work.

Ornery's Wife said...

Yup, I agree, they would sell. It only costs 20 cents to list an item with etsy, and the community is huge, so if you set up a shop and did a little advertising on your blog and their showcases, you'd get up and running.

As for the stiff insides, other than a heavy interfacing, there is a product used by sign makers that is a corrugated plastic that might work for you.

mommanator said...

O I work on the cheap-with projects- find something plastic in your crafting stuff or look around the house- there must be something plastic around you don't need. a pair of kitchen scissors would get just about any plastic. Don't forget the Goodwill to find items! something you wouldn't mind cutting for pittance.Don't know where you work, but u might even find something there?
Of course they would sell!

Laura said...

I'm not an expert on pricing, etc...but those totes are SUPER CUTE...very useful...and really great!! Go fot it!! They'd sell!

Anonymous said...

They're lovely Kim! I use horsehair interfacing for stiffening things that I want to be able to wash. I'm sure there's an iron on stiff interfacing too. But the horsehair I had was on sale and I bought like 5 meters of it at a time.


The Happy Housewife said...

I am into totes now too, I have made several, but am taking a break to make summer clothes for the kids! You are doing a great job on the purses!

scrappysue said...

someone's a whiz with the sewing machine! awesome totes kim! thanks for stopping by my blog