Thursday, 24 April 2008

A New Earth - Book review Part 1

Ok so I finally bit the bullet and ordered this book - I was on a waiting list at the library but it would have been next year some time before it was my turn.

I excitedly grabbed the book out of the mailbox this morning and sat down with a coffee to read. I have been really looking forward to this book from all I have heard about it. I have not read any other books by Tolle.


Well I am not sure I am liking this book all that much. I am only on chapter two so far but something about the way the author writes is rubbing me the wrong way. I am a great fan of Dr Wayne Dyer as well as Robin Sharma and not new to the main concepts of this book.

First of all, a good editor could have used a weed whacker to get through the overgrown mumblings of the first chapter. It was extremely difficult to get through without reading a sentence and saying "what?" and having to reread it. I am not stupid or anything - there was just a little too many words for what he was saying - ever known a person that talks a lot but doesn't say anything? That is what I was getting. As a writer, I am all about "get to the point".

Somehow, although he isn't blatant about it, I am getting a feeling of righteousness from Tolle. Like he knows ALL and those of us that are still "thought-based" are somehow lesser. I know, I know he didn't actually say that - that is just how I am perceiving his writings.

I am not going to stop reading - I will continue and update this review as I go.

I read on someone's blog recently how some Christian group is telling everyone to boycott the book and Oprah since she endorsed it. People like that drive me nuts. But people who just jump on the pro bandwagon because someone like Oprah endorses something, also drive me nuts.

Before ordering the book I read several reviews on Amazon. Some were those bandwagon jumpers who just gushed at how good the book was and how it would change your life but didn't/couldn't explain why.

Then there were those that simply said it was evil and there was only one path to God and that was through Jesus.

One review I found interesting said that the book had too much fat before you get to the meat - I find myself agreeing with that so far.

As I haven't read far into the book yet, I can't say if I find it good or not. Little things he writes are bugging me though. Like how he states many of the great spiritual writings of the past have been misinterpreted - I am sure many have been, but how does he know for sure? Does he have proof? I have always questioned the origins of the Bible for instance, as a child I wondered, what if it was just a fictional book and now half the world is believing it. But this is my opinion, it is not definitive. I can't say it is correct. Yet he seems to be doing that. Because he believes it - it is so. Isn't that part of what he is telling us in the book? Just because you believe it, doesn't make it Truth?

Again - I don't know a lot about Tolle, but read where he says he got close to suicide. Makes you wonder doesn't it? What if this guy is just really whacked and has grand illusions, and we the public are falling for it. Are we just so eager for someone to follow, that we will pick anyone?

Who knows - as I read on, I may decide he is the brightest man in the world. I'll let you know if I do :)

Disclaimer: These are my opinions only - not meant to diminish anyone else's opinions. But it is my blog :) Constructive criticism and opinions welcome - flamers will be deleted.


Vickie LeBlanc said...

Kim - I got the book early on and it is now sitting on my bedside table, three-quarters read. For some reason, I wasn't able to ''get into the book''. As you, these are my own opinions and everyone's will be different. Seems that Tolle repeats himself a lot, without saying a whole lot. One chapter could be summerized in a page and a half. Some sections I had to return and read twice (sometimes more). So for now, the book will collect dust and I might return to it later. But for now, I have too many great books to read...

mommanator said...

what a disappointment after you ahve been waiting so long. I have found that happen sometimes, and it really irks me. but nothing ventured nothing gained