Monday, 7 April 2008

Great Photo Card Ideas!

You know how everyone and their grandmother takes a family Christmas picture and has it made into a card to mail out to friends and relatives?
Custom Photo Cards makes it a snap!
You simply chose a card layout and then upload the photo of your choice. You can add any text to the front or inside the card that you like. You even get to choose the font style and size. You can order different quantities as well.
Well what if we sent out cards with our pictures or favourite photos for other occasions?
Just think about all the possibilities!
  • A great photo of you with a bunch of scantily clad girls/guys on Spring Break – send it to friends that couldn’t make it to let them know what they are missing and to your parents so they know the tuition money is being well spent J
  • How about a photo of you in last years Halloween costume to use as this years Halloween party invitations?
  • Your engagement photo would look great on the thank you cards for your wedding shower gifts.
  • Same goes for the wedding gift thank you cards – great way to share your wedding photos too. Wedding photos are a great addition to anniversary party invites too.
  • A cherished baby picture would look great on your child’s high school graduation announcement (although, they may not think so J). How about the graduation picture on the grad gifts thank you cards?
  • Imagine a great group shot of last year’s New Years Eve party for this year’s invitation?
  • Then of course there are baby announcements, Easter cards, and Valentine’s cards – oh the list is endless!
Just check CardsDirect out!

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