Friday, 11 April 2008

Scales, scales, scales and more scales!

Bathroom scales – we all have a love hate relationship with them don’t we?

Regardless of how we feel about that number, we continue to get on and check.

So we need good reliable scales. has them!

Actually they have pretty much every type of scale you can imagine.

Need a bathroom scale? has several.

Need a food scale? They have over a dozen to choose from!

Need to know how big that fish really is? Get a fish scale from

Does your business require you ship goods out frequently? They even has shipping scales.

Need to weight small stuff on the go? They carry several digital pocket scales that you can take with you!

They also have a new line of scales - Escali digital scales. They are pretty trendy looking and reasonably priced - a hard combo to find.

If you are looking for scales - they are worth checkin out!

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