Thursday, 3 April 2008

That dreaded time of year again....

No I'm not talking about taxes but those are bad enough I am talking about it being time for my ACK yearly physical!

I travel into Toronto, approximately 100 Km and an hour train ride away to see this Dr because I cannot find a female doctor out here in the boonies. I only go to her for the yearly physical, I have a male doctor (that used to be closer but then he moved and its a pain to go see him too), for all other stuff.

So I dread going in for this appt each year - it isn't pleasant yanno. But it is made worse by the fact that this doctor is ALWAYS triple booked and I usually have at least an hour wait until I am called in. Today of course, I was 25 minutes late and they raised stink about it. Seems the Dr showed up on time for a change. So I was rushed in, given a total of 3 minutes to put on the paper napkin gown before the nurse hustled back in to give me an ECG, since I am over 40 now - like anyone will let me forget. (It was fine by the way)

I remembered to bring a wrap with me this year to stay warm, thanks, to a bloggy friend who complained about the paper napkin gowns the other day. And then I sit and wait another 35 minutes until the doctor comes in.

The first thing the doctor does is rip the paper napkin down the front and then the back checking my skin for moles or whatnot - so why do I bother even putting it on - it is not like it is keeping me warm.

I grit my teeth as the doctor tries to make pleasant conversation through the rest of the exam and wonder if I should mention that I really dislike the picture she has put on the ceiling for the patients to stare at - I mean its a nice gesture and all - but I really dislike this picture and I have to stare at it every year. And why oh why are the damn exam tables so narrow and butted right up against the wall? I kept feeling like I was going to fall off.

I have slightly elevated blood pressure that I have been on meds for the past few years for. When she took my reading with the regular cuff (we usually use the large cuff as I have fat arms :)) it was 144/98 - higher than it has been. So she then put me on he electronic blood pressure meter with a large cuff. It takes 6 readings and averages them.

My average came out as 119/71. What?! One of the readings was 104/70! When she came back in to read them - (they had left me alone for the 6 readings), she mentioned that sometimes they get false readings because people get nervous when doctors are there. So perhaps I was more relaxed without her there. So maybe I have normal blood pressure and have been on medication just because doctors scare me?

Who knows. I'm just glad it is over for yet another year.

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