Friday, 4 April 2008

There has been some sewing going on!

Updated: New pic at bottom of post!

Since I made the tote for my new friend Vickie as part of the Tote Swap over at Down To Earth, I have kind of been on a tote-making kick.

Vickie received the tote I made her in the mail yesterday, so now I can show you pictures.

It looks kind of plain at this point.

I also added pockets inside.

I decided to add this to the front - it is quilted and then hand stitched to the front.
I like its' puffiness :)

The other evening I whipped this one up in a couple hours.

And then this one I made from an old skirt that didn't fit well but I love the fabric. I still have lots more fabric so may make a couple more. The fabric colour differs on each side. I used it yesterday to hold my wrap when I went to my Dr's appt.

The there is this patchwork bit that I made that I think will become a tote.

As will this denim and fabric patchwork.
I have some small square canvas tote bags that I bought a long time ago - I am thinking to add this to the front of one of them.

In my haste to get going on my next project, I sewed the back to the front the wrong way around - so here is a nice picture showing what happens when you are in too big of a rush :)

I really like how this one turned out. The embroidered bit is from a blouse I bought at Value Village. I had planned to incorporate it into a crazy quilt - but I like this better and there is still another side to the blouse with the same embroidery.

I am not sure what I will do with them all.

I can't really use them all myself. I have a tote that Vickie made coming in the mail.

My family and my in-laws aren't really people who appreciate handmade items - well not true - my sister D loves stuff I make her - I just don't think she needs that many totes :)

My son is going on his first sleepover tonight and asked me to make him a tote - I have to get started on that right now :)

So this is what I came up for the kiddo - I don't have many boyish fabrics unfortunately, so I took one of those square canvas totes and an old shirt that didn't fit him anymore and made this. I hope he likes it!

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