Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Thrift Store & Yard Sale Finds

I did a little thrift shopping on Saturday - I know I am late posting this.

My sister came by bright and early Saturday morning - we were hoping to find some yard sales as the weather was just gorgeous - but we only found two - we followed signs for another 3 but they must have been old signs - I hate when people forget to take down their signs Grrr ......Ok rant over :)

Anyway, I found this cute tea cup at the first yard sale
for $1 - I plan to turn it into a pincushion.

I didn't find anything at the 2nd yard sale.

Next we went to Value Village - I lucked out and got this nice spring jacket for $9.99 - they don't usually have anything in my size - so this is really lucky. I was recently complaining to my husband that I had a dressy spring jacket and a ratty fleece (for camping and the like) spring jacket but nothing for everyday wear. Now I do.

I also found a pair of brand new jeans for my son for $7.99.
Ya he is 11 and into skulls at the moment :)
I got this lovely piece of fabric for $1.99 - which will
likely become a tote or the lining for one :)

Some crocheted lace for 99 cents. Not sure what to do with this - trim a tote?
Add to a crazy quilt? So many possibilities.


mommanator said...

great finds-do love the fabric

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have me looking forward to garage sale season. Maybe a trip to the thrift store is in order...