Sunday, 18 May 2008

An absolute major thrift store score!

My sister and I did our semi-monthly trip to Value Village - the local thrift shop - we actually visited two different locations today. I scored big time!

My oldest niece is expecting her first child in August - I plan to make at least one quilt, some burb cloths, and some bibs. This will be the back of one quilt and maybe some bibs and burb cloths too. It is a really soft flannel - at least 3 metres for $4.99
These flannels will be added to several pastel ones I already have to make a baby quilt.
The striped one is a sheet $2.99, the other two are receiving blankets - 99 cents each.
This is a sheet that will become the back of another baby quilt - $2.99

SO so soft mini fleece throw - 99 cents - will be something for the baby

This is a double sheet and will become the back of this quilt - $4.99About 1 metre - I am thinking a purse or two - $2.99 - really gorgeous fabric
About 2 metres - will be used as lining - $2.99

This fabric will probably be used for lining totes - about 3 metres
and the bottom edge has lace sewn to it - $2.99About 1/2 metre of this fabric - will probably be added to a quilt - 99 cents
About 2 metres - not sure what I will use it for but it really is lovely - $2.99

About 1.5 metres - I am thinking totes - $2.99

This is a plain cotton pillowcase - I bought it for stitch work - 99 cents

About 3 metres of this fabric - will become totes and purses - $3.99This fabric is a valance but I'll probably use it for the lining of totes or in quilts - $1.99
About 3 metres of thin corduroy - I'll use this for totes and bags - $3.99
This is a pillowcase that will become the lining for one of the corduroy bags - 99 cents
I love the fabric on this apron - $1.99

I bought this full apron ($1.99) and it actually fits me! I should wear
it when I eat - I always drip something on my shirt :PI bought this to use as a bread basket - it was 99 cents
This I got at Dollaramma - it is a cute little fabric tray with ties at the ends.
My sister looked at it and said "You can make that!" Ya I can, but not for a buck!
I just loves these, they are so cute! $1 each. I have no idea what I will use them for :)
And one open

My sister has yard sales each summer to raise money for the weekend to end breast cancer walk that she participates in each September. Friends and co-workers donate stuff for these yard sales. She knows the type of stuff I am looking for, so always keeps me in mind when she gets new stuff.

I told her I wanted a teapot for work , so she gave me one of her own.

She saved this teacup for me.
And these two Pyrex bowls (there were 3 but she dropped one :))
I think I am set for fabric for a little while now :)


mommanator said...

O MY Goodness- where is this store! I would love to see it, but I know must be in Canada! You really had some great finds! When I eventually finally get all moved to Fla I will do more needle work, but don't seem to find the time except for the filet crocheting I am doing at present-before bed!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Kim - you were in fabric paradise !

Tami said...

I need one of those aprons! I am constantly dripping stuff on my "shelf", as my husband calls it. ;)

Love the little baskets and the teapot!