Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Another quick catch up post

Work is good so far. Actual work for me to do is trickling in in fits and starts. It is like they didn't know I was coming. I finish something and they are like "Oh you're done? So umm you want something else right?" No I can surf the net if you want :)

I am still adjusting to getting up so early though. I left the house at 6am both yesterday and today. Yesterday I got home at 6:30pm, today at 6:15pm. Tomorrow I start carpooling with my co-worker and so won't have to leave so early. I get to sleep in until 6am Yahoo!

I was so tired last night I went to be at 9pm. Luckily we had leftovers planned for last night and all I had to do was reheat them. Tonight, I had nothing planned, so we got Chinese. Again I am so tired I can hardly think. J had research to do for a project and asked for my help. The project is on geothermal energy......geo what?! Sheesh! Tell your teacher your Mommy's brain is mush right now.

A funny thing that happened today - funny now - not when it happened though. I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction. My right bra strap decided to detach itself from the front of my bra and was hanging out the back of my arm pit when I took off my coat at work this morning. Oh how cute. At least my boob kept the cup part of the bra up, or that would have really looked weird.

I went to the washroom and had to practically strip because I couldn't reach to grab it from the back. I was wearing a tank top under a sheer blouse, so had to remove the blouse to get the strap and rehook it. Luckily, no one saw it. When I got home tonight and took off my coat the strap was again hanging out the back of my armpit. I think it likes it there. Maybe tomorrow I'll go braless :) Just kidding - I don't wanna scare my new co-workers just yet.

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