Thursday, 29 May 2008

Family News

I got word from my sister that her son will be going in for brain surgery on one side of his head on June 13th. They don't yet know when the other side will be done. I don't know the reason why they both can't be done together.

As for my brother, he is still on meds to keep his blood thin and that seems to be keeping the blood clots in his lungs from moving or any more from forming.

In happier news, my oldest niece is 5 1/2 months pregnant with her first child and is due sometime in August.

My nephew that had been driving me around, got a full time job and can no longer drive me.
Good for him - not so great for me.

Mornings aren't bad because my husband drives me to his office, where my co-worker picks me up.

Evenings are little trickier. Normally, my co-worker would drive me most of the way home (to the city she lives in), and then my nephew would pick me up and drive me home. My husband will have already gone home to be with my son by the time I am dropped off. I could take local buses but it would take about 45 mins - 1 hour to get the rest of the way home and still my husband would have to pick me up closer to home as the bus doesn't go in that far.

What I will probably do instead, is to leave work at about 3:30pm (instead of 5pm), get the GO bus (highway bus) back to Oshawa. My bus will get in at 5pm, my husband works right nearby and gets off at 5pm. He will pick me up and drive me home. That solves my ride problem but shortens my work hours, so I will have to make up that time on my work from home days.

It should be fine - or I can just win the lottery :)

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mommanator said...

sounds like troubling times! i will keep you in prayer