Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day to My Mom

My Mom has been gone for about 3.5 yrs now - she died December 15th, 2004. She died of lung cancer.

My Mom had 6 children, the first at 21 yrs old and me, the last when she was 34.
She used to joke that they knew her name by memory at the hospital and when she would leave after having a baby, they would say "See you again next year Mrs. Smith!"

My Mom was one of 11 children, her twin sister died at birth.

My Mom was 20 yrs old when she married my father.

My Mom wasn't the traditional, tell her anything, cookie baking, make it all better type of Mom - I think she wanted to be though and did her best.

My Mom worked while I was growing up - I think maybe we would have been closer if she hadn't. I understand her having to though, as I too have to work.

My Mom got to meet my son - something I am very thankful for, my Dad died 3 yrs before he was born - she didn't get to see him a lot however, as she lived a bit farther away as she got ill. We have pictures of the two of them together that I will always cherish.

Now that I am a Mother, I think , I understand my Mother a lot more - I am like her in many ways and try to be different in many other ways.

Of course she had it much harder than I did - she had two toddlers, a baby, and one on the way all at once - not to mention two more in her future.

She had her quirks, but she was a good Mom, she was my Mom and that is all that matters.

Mom Happy Mother's Day - I miss you.

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