Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Here comes the bride....

All dressed in ….. a floor length blood red gown with a slit up her left leg to the hip and a plunging neckline. Her luscious black locks are piled in a mass of curls atop her head. She is wearing 4-inch red stilettos and as she glides down the aisle with grace and confidence, every eye in the house is on her.

This was my friend’s wedding. It was her 2nd marriage and she said this time she was going to do it her way, as apposed to her Mother’s way. The wedding was definitely different, yet still lovely and oh so fun.

Although the wedding was not traditional, the 1st Class Wedding Invitations were.

They were absolutely lovely, very similar to this one.

The elegant style of her invitation never foretold how daring and different the wedding would be.

The choices of wedding invitations on 1st Class Wedding Invitations.com is staggering.

They have something for every taste. You can find every style from nautical, religious, contemporary, handmade looking, Asian, floral and so many more.

They also have this cool Zoom feature that highlights selected portions of the chosen card. You just move your mouse around to see a larger image of any portion of the invitation. It really is like you have the item in your hands.

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