Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Kid fixable meals

As my son's soccer season begins, we are faced with a dilemma.

Soccer practice is on Monday nights at 6pm. My son gets home from school at about 4pm, but my husband only gets home at 5:30pm (I get home around 6:30pm and will miss practice).

The actual games are on Tuesday nights at various times between 6 - 7:30pm.

My son has to eat dinner before going to practice and as early as possible so that he is not full while playing.

He will have to make himself dinner when he gets home from school.

BTW, he is 11yrs old.

I do not want him using the stove while we are not home, but I think the microwave will be fine.
(His Papa lives in the basement, should he need any help with anything).

I am thinking I will make a big batch of homemade mac & cheese, freeze it in individual containers, and then take one out on morning needed and put it in the fridge to thaw.

After school all my son has to do, is dump it into a bowl, microwave for a min or two and then eat. He can also have an applesauce container with it.

I think this will work fine - I hope it does. I don' t want to have to stuff anything into him on the drive to the game.

I may also be able to get him to eat breakfast burritos (scrambled egg, sausage and cheese). He is pretty picky so I am not sure what else he will eat and I don't want soccer nights to be just PB&Js.

Do you think this will work?

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Anonymous said...

If he likes the macn'cheese he may also like lasagne or spaghetti done the same way. You could take him to the store and have him look at the frozen meals and tell you which ones look good to him. Then you would know they are freezable entrees. Baby carrots, apple slices, or bagged salad would be easy sides.