Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - Leftovers in wraps

The other night I made curry chicken and rice. Last night we had leftover curry. I decided I didn't want just plain reheated curry, so instead I got myself a tortilla and placed some of the curry & rice (reheated together) in the wrap with a tiny bit of sour cream on top.

It was SO good! It made the leftovers different and not so boring.

Just think of all the leftovers you could eat in a wrap and therefore make more interesting:

  • pot roast sliced with sauteed onions
  • shredded chicken with lettuce and tomato
  • meatloaf cut into chunks with salsa
  • pretty much any rice dish will be yummy in a wrap
  • sliced steak or pork chop with leftover veggies
Simply add some different condiments and veggies and you have a totally different meal!

Try it!

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