Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Kitchen Tip Tuesday - My Son's Lunches

I am drawing a blank when I try to think of new kitchen tips - so instead I am just going to tell you how and what I usually pack for my son's lunches.

I pack my son's lunch everyday. Most schools here are nut free, due to so many kids having nut allergies, so peanut butter and jam, unfortunately, can not be on the menu.

My son likes sandwiches made with deli meat (not to be confused with luncheon meat, which he will not eat). And will also eat lettuce on his sandwich, but I pack that separately in a little baggie to be put on when he eats so that the sandwich doesn't get soggy.

Sometimes in lieu of a sandwich, I will give him crackers, sliced cheddar and pieces of kielbasa to make mini sandwiches.

My son also gets two snack times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

This is what he lunch looks like on a typical day (btw, he is 11 and a pretty good eater, although picky).

  • A bottle of juice (reusable bottle)
  • A cheese stick (Like stringables but the no name kind)
  • A yogurt or yogurt tube (depends which are on sale)
  • An apple
  • A baggie of baby carrots and a mini tupperware of ranch dressing for dipping
  • 2 cookies (either homemade if I have them, or store bought)
  • A sandwich of some type
  • Applesauce in mini tupperware container

Seems like a lot doesn't it? But he eats this everyday and still has a decent breakfast and normal dinner each night.

I put two small ice packs in his lunch bag to keep everything cold. I also make the lunch the night before and store the entire lunch bag in the fridge over night so everything is chilled well.

If I make homemade cookies or granola bars, I package them individually and then freeze them - that way they too help everything stay cold and I will be less likely to eat them all :)

I am always worried about his food staying cold and not spoiling.

We don't use juice boxes because he has no way of resealing them and has to drink it all at once. With a resealable plastic juice container, he has it whenever he wants it. In the warmer months I will also often freeze a bottle of water and put that in his backpack for him to drink as it melts.

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mommanator said...

Have ya tried to make wraps? my grandkids love them and dn't seem to get as soggy. Also, they just love when mom surprises them with a termos of something! think they love that the best!

Donna said...

Ahh, what a lucky little fellow!
Your lunch makes me hungry! This would make for a good 'park' lunch for my crew! I will have to use your 'menu' one day!

Chel said...

My son's one of those peanut allergy kids, so I wish our cafeteria would ban peanuts! That said, we send lots of lunches, so we've got some interesting options. :)

One thing he likes is little mini calzones. Use the ready-made pizza dough and roll it out... fill with your favorite fillings - his is BBQ chicken with gouda cheese... and fold into small triangles. Bake. Yummo.