Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Oh how doctors annoy me....

Almost 3 months ago, my husband and I decided to get addition life insurance to cover our mortgage instead of using the mortgage insurance we currently have with the bank.

We filled out the application with our insurance company, we both had long conversations on our medical history with a different insurance rep that called. We had a nurse come check our urine and take our blood pressure.

Then we waited....and waited.


A couple of weeks ago, my Dr's office left me a message saying that he wanted to see me about my test results. I called them back and asked what test results, as I had not recently had anything done. She looked in my file and then called me back saying I must have been called in error as there was nothing she could find as a reason why he needed to see me.

2 weeks go by, my insurance rep calls to say that a form had been sent to my Dr on April 14th - he has not yet filed it out and returned it and if he doesn't so it by the end of May, our application will be canceled. She also mentioned that the insurance company pays the Dr $100 to fill out these forms.

I called the Dr's office and explain the situation, asking why this is taking so long. She says he has a stack of paperwork to do and if I want it done, I will have to make an appt. I mention the call I got 2 weeks previous, she says that was probably for this. So now he will get paid by the insurance company and gets to bill for an office visit as well.

My Dr is not close by, I have to take time off work to go there, as does my husband who drives me. I managed to get an appt for today. I had planned to go see him in a few weeks for a new prescription, so I decide to just combine it all today.

I wait for 45 minutes past my appt time before I am even called into the office. I wait a further 15 minutes until the doctor comes in. I mention the form, and he says there is info requested that he cannot supply, such as a recent pap test, which I get done at a different Dr.

So anyway, he fills out what he can and writes a note telling them to contact the other Dr for everything else. He promises to have it faxed today.

Now the other Dr is even farther away and has not yet even received a form to fill out. She will probably want to see me before filling it out it too. This is not going to be done by the end of May.

I call my insurance rep when I get home and explain the entire situation. She says they will probably consider it a new requirement and extend the deadline - I hope.

If his office had been more on the ball in the first place or if he just filled it out without having to see me and not sat on it for 6 weeks, we wouldn't have this issue.

I am really annoyed with this Dr right now. We have a shortage of Drs here, so I can't just switch no matter how much I would like to.

Ok vent over....for now :)

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mommanator said...

ditto! I always my appts for the first visit of the day or ist after lunch- I really hate waiting in the docs office-such a waste of time. although I usually take something with me to do. and being a nurse I don't have a problem telling the docs off for their incompetant staff or waiting for too much time!
my time is important too, used to be allot more valuable when working full time, I ahven't adjusted to retirement yet