Thursday, 15 May 2008

Thursday's Thoughts or Morning Mumbles

I don't really have a lot to write about today. I still have not gotten used to getting up early.

Today I had to get up especially early, I arrived at work at 7am and will work till 5pm. A nice long 10 hour day ACK!

It is a holiday weekend for us and so traffic will be a nightmare on Friday. By working 2 hours extra today and arriving early a few other days this week, we will be able to leave work at noon on Friday and hopefully miss the rush. Well at least that is the plan.

I am armed with a large Tim Horton's coffee to get me through the morning - I may need a second this afternoon.

My husband and son decided they both needed a mental health day today and so are probably still sleeping right now :) Lucky them.

I had my nephew pick me up at 6am this morning and drive me to my co-worker's house. Even after showering and getting ready and being awake for an hour, I still felt like a slug.

I get into my nephew's souped-up car, I have to climb down into the seats. Then I have to ask him to turn down the stereo. I'm turning into my father. "How can you listen to that crap?" "Your going to go deaf!" "Why do they have to swear so much?" Sheeeesh!

He says he knows where we are going. The road is blocked in one direction due to a fire, we take an alternate route. "You do know where you are going right?" After many turns, we arrive at my co-worker's house 5 minutes early, and I haul my butt out of the seat.

She is already outside because she heard his car from the street behind her. That's right - she HEARD it. Did I fail to mention how extremely loud this car is? I can hear him turn onto my street when I am standing in the kitchen at the back of my house. I need the ride, so I guess I can't complain too much.

I am sure my neighbours, who I don't yet know very well, find it amusing to watch me try to gracefully exit his car (that sounds like a tank) in the evenings. "Yes that would be my 21 yr old boy-toy, why do you have a problem with that?"

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mommanator said...

at least her is willing to get up early and wake your neighbors for ya! If you gotta work they might as well be up too!