Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Works for me Wednesday - My New Digital Camera

For Mother's day I got a new pink Sony digital camera I asked for.
It is little.
It is pink.
It is cute.
It fits nicely in my purse.

I used my old digital camera to take pictures of my new digital camera.

My new camera came with this cute little case - but I think I may sew myself a new one.

Here is a picture with it in my hand so you can see how truly small it is.
It is a Sony CyberShot. It has this cool feature called Smile Shutter - you can click the button but it won't take the picture until the person is smiling. We tested this out - it really works! I have no idea how but it does.

What I do know is that it takes some really good pictures! Oh it can also shoot video - cool huh?

So now I will be taking tons of photos and posting them on my blog. A new hobby that isn't fattening! That works for me!

To see what works for hundreds of other people, go to Shannon's.


ttelroc said...

Enjoy your new camera! It is so much fun to get a new toy & a camera is a great toy to have.

Have a great day!

Colleen said...

Hello Kim, I told you I would pop by for a visit. I love your new camera; it is so pretty. That is wild about the "smile" feature.

Great photos too.

mommanator said...

now if they could find a way to ake it when my daughter isnt closing her eyes! thats something!
cute thing it is!
OOO that cross is quite beautiful!

April said...

Congrats on the camera! I get a new one too for Mother's day, I just haven't gone and picked one out yet(hubby admits he is clueless about cameras, you should see the blank stare her gets when I talk about mega pixels and shutter speed)

ames said...

Eeeee! Pink!

And look at the size of that screen, congrats on the new toy!

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely 'pretty in pink' camera- too cute! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Nice post about school lunches, too. When my dd went to public school, she was the first nut-allergic child they had had. I worried everyday! All those parents appreciate everyone else's efforts to keep their allergic kids safe, trust me :)