Friday, 27 June 2008

Friday Stuff

It's Friday.

It is the first day of summer vacation for the kiddo. He brought his report card home on Wednesday - he did pretty well, 6 As, 8 Bs and 2 Cs (one of which was in French, which I am not too worried about). The way the report cards are done now is strange, some subject have more than one section that is graded on - for instance - Math has 5 sections and English has 3.

It is my last day of work on this contract (technically, I am actually home doing nothing because they ran out of work).

I have a HUGE to do list that I would like to tackle before I get another contract, but I am feeling lazy today and do not want to tackle anything on my list yet :)
I hope to get just a few weeks off before I get my next job - I do need the money. I have submitted to a few jobs and am still waiting to hear about them.

So on the agenda for today:
  • Reading a book if I can find one in the house I haven't yet read, otherwise I will reread the last Harry Potter book as I rushed through it last summer so the kid could read it next.
  • I may throw in a load or two of laundry so that I don't have to do much this weekend.
  • I should tackle a bit of cleaning as well, again so I don't have much to do this weekend
  • Just hanging out with the kiddo.
Tuesday July 1st, is Canada Day, so DH booked Monday off as well and we'll have a nice long weekend together.
It is also the 150th birthday of the town we live in - so there are many things going on this weekend as well that we would like to go to.

This is the kiddo last Canada Day - he is getting his hair cut on Saturday and is thinking to get it cut that way again.

The beginnings of my HUGE to do list:
  • Do a freezer and pantry inventory and plan meals around what I have - do a mini grocery exile (buy only what I need, no more stocking up right now)
  • Do a deep cleaning of the ENTIRE house (floors included - I should have just hired someone while I was working :))
  • Fix the broken tile and regrout in the kitchen - this has been on our to do list for far too long!
  • Reorganize the sewing room - the fabric is beginning to take over.
  • Bake some cookies, muffins and granola bars for the freezer
  • Finish niece's baby quilt in time for the shower in July - start next one for nephew, who's gf is due in Sept
  • Get DH to install shelves in laundry room
  • Get DH to hook up phone jack in sewing room/office - I have been using the portable in there for almost a year!
  • Get all winter stuff packed away in spare closet - I am just being lazy with this one but we need the closet space and I still have mittens in the front hall
  • Get forms filled and sent for new birth certificates so we can get passports - DH & I were both born in Quebec where they used to just issue BCs to anyone who asked - so since 911, we all have to refile to get new ones
Oh there is probably SO much more - but that will do for now :)

I may not be around much this weekend - so I want to wish all the Canadian readers a Happy Canada Day and I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend!

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Dana said...

Hi Kim!! I found your blog through one that we both read - "like merchant ships" I just love her blog. I've been so into reading blogs lately.. so much fun. I noticed you said you were from Durham region. Ah! I grew up in Oshawa - went to Paul Dwyer - sometimes the internet amazes me how small the world is. I now live in Green Bay, WI. Happy Canada Day!!