Friday, 13 June 2008

Frugal Friday - Back on the Frugal Bandwagon

Well I found out yesterday that my 6 month work contract (of which I have completed only 6 weeks) will end in 2 more weeks due to lack of work. I have applied to a few other positions, but have nothing solid yet.

So while I relaxed a little while the money was coming in, I have to once again tighten the belt and pay attention to every penny until I get that next job.

Frugal things I plan to do:

  • Take an inventory of our two freezers and our pantry. I am sure we can do a mini grocery exile for everything but fresh produce and milk.
  • I will start baking bread again.
  • I will get back to planning our meals (fell out of that habit) and start making them smaller too - I no longer need the leftovers to take for lunch and we ended up with too much waste.
  • I will finally get around to selling a few things I have, on Kijiji.
  • I will also go on a fabric diet - I have more that enough now and will sew most of it up before buying more.
  • I will bake more to have snacks on hand for kiddo.
  • I don't drive, so I won't go out shopping.
I'll pinch those pennies while I have to.

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Anonymous said...

It looks like you have a great plan in place. As you plan to use your current stash of fabric, my goal is to shop at home for my yarn needs before going to the yarn shop.

What type of bread do you tend to make the most? Do you use a bread machine at all?

I enjoy using a bread machine while I'm at work (It saves me $3 or more on my specialty bread, although I'm still looking for a good recipe for "light" bread - about 45 calories per slice.), but we (2 of us) never seem to go through the bread fast enough.

I plan to try making the dough in the machine, splitting it in half, freezing half and baking the other half (half-sized loaf). That way, we'll have tasty, fresh bread, while not having any spoil. When I'm ready for the next loaf, I'll take it out of the freezer to thaw and rise a bit.

I'm making all of these plans based on my experience with frozen bread dough that I purchased in the past from the grocery store. I think that my biggest challenge will be determining how long to cook the smaller loaves of bread and also making sure that they're done. Any ideas for how long to cook a half-sized loaf of bread?



Kim said...

I don't have a lot of experience with making bread but I do have a 50lb bag of flour so I figure I might as well use it. I do have a bread machine - I use it make the dough then cook it int he oven - I don't like the weird shaped loaf out of the machine.

I really don't know how long to cook a half loaf but it sounds like a good plan.

I can get away with one loaf per week as I have a kiddo who eats toast often also, when I start making bread again, it is usually gobbled up very quickly because it smells so good - so for the first couple weeks I am sure I will need two loaves :)