Friday, 20 June 2008

Frugal Friday - Eating Out Cheaper

We like to eat out once in awhile. We also really like the Mandarin restaurants - I'm not sure if they are in the U.S., but they are a Chinese buffet restaurant.

The buffet is more expensive on Fridays and the weekend than during the week - $6 more, but then they have extra special stuff on the weekends like crab legs etc...

We usually only get the chance to go on the weekends, even though weekdays would be cheaper.

So what we do instead, is to go for lunch on the weekends instead of dinner. Their lunch buffet is almost identical to the dinner buffet but is $7 cheaper. We have a nice leisurely lunch and usually end up skipping dinner.

We eat the same amount of food as we would if we went for dinner but save $7 each.

Makes sense to me!

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mommanator said...

greta idea, and the crowds are prob less! I hate crowds!

Audra Krell said...

Very good tip that probably applies to a lot of our favorite restaurants!

Anonymous said...

We do this too. It is such an easy way to save on eating out.

We also eat out for supper, but only an entree. No appetizer or dessert. And often just water to drink. It sure cuts the cost of the meal. Tonight DH and I ate at Red Lobster for $25...and we had a salad, cheese biscuits and main entree. We were too full for dessert anyway!