Thursday, 5 June 2008

I'm a grandma!.....kinda

My son's molly (fish) had babies yesterday morning. Mollies give birth to live fish not eggs. We got this fish and two others about 3 wks ago. We noticed soon after that this one fish looked kind of fat, so we googled mollies and discovered that she may be pregnant. Just the night before, I was looking at her and said that I actually didn't think she was pregnant because she didn't seem to be getting any bigger.

My son noticed them soon after I woke him yesterday morning and called for me. I grabbed a tupperware like container and scooped the little fry (that is what baby fish are called) up with a net and popped them into it. We are not sure how many babies she had, but we saved 5. We seen at least 2 being eaten, one by the mother. That is a piece of gravel from the tank for a size comparison. The container they are in is about 3 inches across.
She may have had more once we left to go to work and school, but my son could not see anymore when he got home from school, so if she did, they were eaten. Sadly, the little black one did not survive the day. They are tiny; only about 2 millimeters long.

We bough a special breeder tank last night that floats in the big tank and can hold a pregnant fish and has a little trap that the fry fall into so that they cannot be eaten. The adult fish are still trying to get them through the breeder tank.
Can you see them?

They have to be kept separate from the adult fish until they have at least doubled in size. Not sure how long that will take.

We have two females and a male adult mollies. I read online today that mollies can give birth to fry every 30 days. I really wish the lady at the pet store had told me that!


Melody said...

every 30 days? wow - reminds me of some people I've known

Kim said... now looks like the other female may also be pregnant.