Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Kitchen Tips Tuesday - Fresh Berries for Breakfast

I absolutely love fresh summer berries. Raspberries being my favorite. I usually just wash them and eat them - forget making anything elaborate....plain is best for me.

Somewhere I came across a recipe for fresh fruit salad that had a touch of honey and lemon juice. I tried it once and will never try a different fruit salad again.

Yesterday for breakfast I cut up some watermelon, some fresh pineapple, some strawberries, some blueberries and added some plumb raspberries. I added a couple small squirts of lemon juice and about half a teaspoon of honey, I mixed it up and put it in a tupperware to take to work.

When I opened it at work it was nice and juicy. The lemon juice makes it taste oh so fresh!
It tastes wonderful and is good for you too!

These are pictures of just a bowl of fresh blueberries and raspberries.

Simple & Fresh - Can't beat that.

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mommanator said...

yummy! I bet your co=workers salivate when you open the container!

Laura said...

That just sounds absolutely wonderful!

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