Monday, 30 June 2008

Monday Mutterings

Last night we had friends over for dinner. We had a great time and great food. I made my hot wings, debrezier sausage, herbed potatoes and my bruschetta. My friend brought luscious cherry cheesecake squares. We yakked, ate, laughed, yakked some more and were thoroughly stuffed :)This afternoon we went to Ribfest. There were four different booths of ribs you could buy. We bought ribs and 1/2 a chicken from one place. They were ok - nothing I'd write home about. We are going back tomorrow after J's soccer game and we will try a different rib vendor - maybe two.
J with ice cream
Lady with hawk (falcon?) some kinda big bird :)
J got his summer haircut on Saturday - a fauxhawk.They also had some booths at the Ribfest - at one called Nature's Salon I got a mini hand massage done. The lady sprayed my hands with water, then put about a teaspoon of sea salt scrub into my hands - I rubbed it around then she rinsed my hands - they felt SO much better, smoother and softer already. Then she had me chose a body butter scent from about 20 different scents - I chose Lilac. She put a tiny amount in my hand and I rubbed it around and into my skin - amazingly, my hands felt even softer than they had from the sea salt. I was sold - I bought a jar of sea salt scrub and a jar of body butter, both in lilac for $16. My arms and legs are really dry so this should help quite a bit.
J found a booth doing airbrush tattoos and asked if he could get one.
He got this cute symbol :)We are going back tomorrow after the soccer game for more ribs and to watch fireworks.Oh I love summer :)

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