Sunday, 22 June 2008

A New Earth - Book review Part 2

The author makes so many blankets statements that I just can't take him seriously.

He uses the phrase "that is to say" SO many times, I stopped underlining them. He has several other just as useless phrases.

His view of what Jesus meant is just that, his view. It isn't actual fact as he makes it sound. There are MANY interpretations of Jesus's teachings - why are we to just accept that his is correct?

I made the error of looking up Tolle on Youtube. There are several videos of his seminars. His voice bothers me. He speaks as slowly and as confusingly as he writes. And now when I read the book, I hear it in his voice......wait or is that my ego :)

His view of the ego is that all thought is the doing of the ego...doesn't that mean this book that he wrote, via thinking about it, has been written by his ego?

I am finding that much of this book is simply fluff to surround the tiny bit of actual helpful useful information contained somewhere in the book, hidden like Waldo.

I find it surprising that Oprah and so many others find this book so useful. Oprah admitted to reading the book in small chunks, I think that is because you can only digest that much of his blatherings at one time with out screaming "WHAT?!"

I will continue to read , with red pen handy, I have found many grammatical errors as well I have been underlining sentences that are just so totally skewed, or the great "that is to say" phrase. (I'm a writer and an editor, I just can't help it!)

His persistence that the ego loves to create havoc in your life, and that the ego fears this or that drives me nuts! How does he know? Where is his research? He speaks of the ego as some deranged split personality trying to control your life. It states that he started writing after an important event in his life - he became suicidal - is this really the person we should be following?

Ok rant over - for the moment - I have been having a hard time making myself continue to read the book - I will continue the review when I get back to the book.

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