Thursday, 19 June 2008

Niece's baby quilt...

I've started the basics on the baby quilt. I will be doing a disappearing 9 patch with a border I think. I will also be making some burb cloths and bibs.

I bought some cute baby flannel to go with the flannel I already have.

As far as I know, my niece nor her parents read my blog, so this will be a surprise for her shower, which is in July.

I have found that flannel is very stretchy and hard to keep straight - I'll be using lots of pins!

So here are all the quilt squares cut up

And then sewn together
Then you cut the block into four pcs and turn two of them
And then resew them that way - I turned the top left and
bottom right so that the red squares point out now.

I will make a bunch of these and then sew them together with some sashing to make the quilt.
I'll add more photos as I do more.


Waitress from Mensa said...

Kim, Your creative totes have inspired me to sew my own. I'm thinking of using the corrugated plastic from some two-year-old campaign signs for a stiffener for the bottom. I noticed that wildly colorful fabric totes are the new trend among the college girls in my town.

I would be considered a lurker on your blog, and I really like the "Works for Me" tips. I'm also a technical writer, by the way.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I've never seen this before!