Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Motivation Advice Needed

I know, I know - this week's WFMW theme is about keeping kids busy this summer, but as a working Mom, that is why I pay the babysitter so well :) it's her job.

My friend is kidsitting my son this summer and being a grade one teacher, I know she will be able to keep him and her 2 kids nice and busy.

So instead I would like to ask your advice.

I need to lose weight. Serious weight. I need to diet.

I know EVERYTHING there is to know about dieting, really I do. If there is a diet book written, then I have read it. I know what to do. I do, I do. I just don't do it. I just can't seem to get my motivation up enough to actually do it. I plan like crazy, then fizzle out after just a couple days.

I need to know where I can find me some "stick-to-itness".

I know how I should eat - but I don't.
I know I should exercise - but I don't.

So help me oh wise people of the Internetdom.....have you seen my motivation?

What helps you stay on track? Can you come live with me and keep me motivated?

Please help.

If you want solutions to keeping your kids busy this summer, go visit all those who actually followed the rules :)


Audra Krell said...

I know you said you know everything you need to know. But have you read the Makers Diet by Jordan Rubin? I knew everything there was to know too, until I read that book. I took a few of the things he said and applied them and it has changed my life. For example I never eat seafood, pork and I severely limit chocolate. I feel so much better and have lost weight. That was two years ago. I love bacon so that has been hard, but I can't describe how much better I feel.

Llama Momma said...

I'm right there with you.

You know what to do, so do it. I know. Earth shattering. But I'm trying it, and it's working.

You can do this!!

seasonal_learner said...

My husband and I are losing the baby weight together. I am a horrible "dieter" so we started out simply. First, we gave up dessert for lent. (the Catholic lent where you don't fast on Sundays). We would make a special dessert on Sunday night and then take the leftovers for my husband's co-workers to finish. Worked like a charm. We both lost 5-10lbs.
Now we are trying to add exercise, but with you working and having a son that it hard no? Me too. The husband takes the stairs instead of the elevators int the parking garage and at work. I park out in th last parking space at Target or the grocery store and walk in, or I choose to walk to the blockbuster down the street.(It's only 2 blocks)
Maybe not much help, but it helps me:)

Donna said...

Have you tried changing your family's 'lifestyle' eating habits and ridding your home of junk?

When I saw a very hefty child at the doc's office once who was 10...and on high blood pressure medicine...I said....I just can't ever let that happen to my kids.

It helps me -to focus on 'what my kids need to eat' to be healthy and develop the 'right tastes' for the 'right foods'. If I stay focused on them, limit the junk that I bring into the house, cook in the kitchen--then get out of there!, I do better.

If I'm not mistaken, I saw some of your child's lunches, and I would pack myself the same thing!:-)

My DH struggles with food. I try to make 'pretty' food and limit fats and 'bad stuff'.(More chicken fish, ground turkey, extra lean beef, no regular ground beef, no pork, light or fat free cheeses, butters, peanut butters, cream cheeses, using 2 egg beaters with 1 egg, etc.) He will drop the weight when I do this with little effort, not to mention his blood pressure comes right down, especially if I can keep him away from fast food!

I love Suzanne Summers plan and Paavo Airola.

Finally and most importantly--pray and exercise.

I will also say that Paavo Airola suggests extended juice fasts. He says for many its easier to not eat at all rather than try to reduce. Personally for me, I would agree. Fasting for extended periods of time (with juice) seems to shrink the stomach so it cannot hold as much and when you find yourself slipping a couple of months later, fast for several days again.

I knew of a preacher who did this and dropped 70 pounds in one year, got rid of his diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

You may want to check with your doc first:-)!
If you like accountability(or need recipes)...have a look at
You CAN do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

Go to the Biggest Loser. com.....I believe you can get accountability partners....and if that doesn't work. Go buy a bathing suit you would like to fit into...hang it near the kitchen to remind you not to eat...and go for a walk instead...a friend of mine did this and lost 50 pounds..and wore the suit the next summer.

Puddintane! said...

been there.. still am partly, i read it all but could just never stick with anything. What i learned is diet is a bad 4 letter word, what you have to do is take all that good info you have and make it practable and incorperate it months slowly so you don't shock your system with a HUGE change or your family with the change. i started with water. ..we don't get enough :) i would make up a pitcher of water with a packet of that cystal light and drink it threw out the day and at the same time i bought salad plates and started eating all my meals off them... we have been trained at this point to eat WAY WAY more then we should so you have to reprogram you body and MIND to smaller portions...

the key i believe is not WHAT you eat but how much of it you eat. do not deprive yourself of what you like just learn to eat less of it! diets fail because your depriving yourself.. this is a slow small life change on how much you eat.

and.. yes... sigh.. you will have to exercise :( lol i walk with my kids, we have a bike trail across from are home so we go walk that. slow at first just 15 min and then when thats easy you add 5 more min.. like i said slow is the key to making a real perminet change in you life. slow so you can reform your rutines.

good luck ! and yes prey for strength and gidence and help .. never underestamate what god is willing to help you with.

Donna said...

Miss Kim,
How are you doing on this subject?
Just want to encourage you!
You can do it!