Sunday, 20 July 2008

Apparently I Iike to torture myself...

because I have started another baby quilt.

Now it is not like I don't already have a kazillion other partially finished projects that need to be worked on....but I had a few squares left from the first baby quilt...and well one thing led to another...and there is another baby coming in September, so.....:)

I also managed to make a couple bibs and another burp cloth for my niece's shower.

I made two that are not even fit to take pictures of and then I got the bright idea to use binding for a bib - it worked pretty well as shown here.
For this one, I made the ties out of the same oh so soft fabric.

And a matching burp cloth.


mommanator said...

I tend to start some projects an leave sitting around too, and then when I get onto something I am all gung ho till i and other things get completed- we must be sisters?
I dont do much in the summer time though, it's just plain too hot, I think I got that from my mom

mama said...

You make beautiful things!!!!!!!!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am liking the material Kim. Great job.