Thursday, 31 July 2008

A blogger's life

I just spent several hours reading blogs. I'm just I the only one? How do people get anything done? I mean, it is not like I would have been doing housework or anything had I not been reading blog, but it makes for a valid excuse. And why do I keep typing anythign instead of anything...does my left hand go faster than my right?

I often wonder how many hours bloggers put in to come up with some of the really witty stuff they write. I mean do they have a life outside of blogging? I know some of them are making an income from blogging, so there is more incentive to write but still, they must spend several hours a day blogging.

I try to do my best to have a post for each day but life often gets in the way. Do these popular bloggers that actually make money from their blogs do regular things like laundry? Or can they afford housekeepers?

I wonder cuz, I can't seem to do it all. Spend hours blogging (ok mostly reading blogs) and then get other stuff done too. I truly believe the computer has the technology to steal time -cuz I know sometimes I get on the computer at a decent hour (9am - hey I am vacation!) and before I know it - it is 3pm. And I have done nothing, zip, zilch for the entire day. Should I be worried? I mean that is my life passing by, and here I am wasting it reading about someone else's life?


Whatever - sometimes I just think too much.


Steph said...

I think you're probably overthinking it. I have to believe that, or I'll start questioning my own life. ;)

Kim said...

K I'll stop thinkin no and surf some more..I don't like housework anyhow.

Joan said...

Hi Kim! Haven't stopped by in awhile. Love your questions on blogging because I beat myself up over spending too much time on the computer too! WAY too much fun reading other people's blogs and WAY too much fun writing my own. Solution? I have no idea.. if you think of it, let me know!