Monday, 21 July 2008

The Boy's Birthday Party

J's actually turned 11 in April but he wanted to have a summer party where we could grill burgers and hot dogs and play outside, so he postponed it until now.

Well I survived the party. Man, we only invited 3 other kids but I could swear they somehow snuck another 20 or so in, either that or a small herd of elephants.

It ended up raining, so outside play was out, which left lots of running around and lots of videos games, both of which they enjoyed immensely.

Oh video games
In their natural state

We had hot dogs and burgers for dinner and a build you own sundae bar afterwards.

Chocolate shell sauce, M&M peanuts, crushed Oreos
and sprinkles - what more could you ask for?

All went well until the balloon got sucked into the ceiling fan (which is extremely funny to 4 11 yr old boys, especially when the Mom jumps a foot off the couch from the noise)....and even then, all went well :)

Predictable expression to finding money in the card

Opening the last gift

Great ..just what we needed :)

I am however, glad, birthday parties only happen once a year.

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