Thursday, 10 July 2008

Goin campin!

My son and I are off for the weekend with my sister and friends to go camping. DH didn't feel like coming this time. We are driving to Gananoque (which is just past Kingston Ontario).

My friend has two exchange students here for the month, one from Spain and one from Paris. I have no idea if either of them have camped before.

My sister, son and I are going up on Friday afternoon and my friends and crew are going to meet us there Saturday and camp Saturday night. We will going on a local boat cruise of 1,000 Islands and plan to got to Fort Henry on Sunday.

We are leaving tomorrow, so I have been busy getting all our gear together today. I am also in charge of food for my son, sister and I.

I have the following planned: 
 Lunch - picnic sack lunch
Dinner - oven fried chicken eaten cold with pasta salad

Breakfast - cereal
Lunch - Picnic sack lunch
Dinner - we plan to eat out 

Brunch - we plan to eat out

So far I have made the picnic lunches as shown here (hummus, celery, cheese curds, cheese wedge for sis, pepperettes, salami, ham, turkey) I will add a small bagette to cut up and grapes tomorrow. This is for all 3 of us btw :) I've made two for Friday & Sat.
And the pasta salad for tomorrows dinner - just enough for sis & I as kiddo won't eat it.

Now I am off to make some oven fried chicken (if my chicken is thawed - doncha love last minute planning? :)) I've never made it before, so I hope it goes well - I couldn't think of anything else I could cook in advance and then eat cold.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Have a great trip, its been years since we have been to 1,000 Islands, beautiful area.


Vickie LeBlanc said...

OMG Kim the salad looks delicious. I love camping. Dave and I are hoping to go to a National Park in a few weeks. Have fun !