Friday, 18 July 2008

How's this for working under pressure?

My husband just called from work 40 minutes ago (at 10am) to say he would be leaving work early around noon and going to pick up his Mom for the weekend (she lives with her daughter about an hour and half west of us and doesn't often manage time away), so they will be here around 3pm.

I have to clean a 2700 sq foot house before then. Think I can do it? :)

I have already straightened out the guest room, unloaded then reloaded the dishwasher and washed a bunch of pots and pans. Ya I have been slacking on housework lately - I had that baby quilt to finish!

We are also having my son's Birthday Party tomorrow (his BD was in April but he wanted to have a summer party), only 3 11 yr old boys are coming so I wasn't overly concerned about the tidiness of the house.

But my MIL is one of those people who comes in and does the dust/glove test (without the glove). She also has a tendency to turn all the tins in my pantry so that the labels all face out neatly. She may even alphabetize them I don't know - I just go in a mess them up again so she has something to do :)

So I am off to yank the kid off the computer so he can wash the baseboards (yes she will check those too!) and get started on my other 235 cleaning tasks that need to be finished before 3pm.

With all the cleaning, birthday party and then baby shower on Sunday, I probably won't be around much - so I hope everyone has a lovely quiet (non-house cleaning) weekend! :)

Update: I have so far (2:30pm) done:

Unloaded dishwasher
Reloaded dishwasher
Hand washed pots
Vacuumed guest room
Tidied guest room (I had a bunch of quilting stuff laid out)
Put out towels for MIL
Vacuumed upstairs hall
Picked up everything off office/sewing room floor (again I got carried away with fabric J - was a BIG job.
Vacuumed office/sewing room.
Main bath – washed tub, toilet, sink, mirror, washed and organized counter. Had kid wash baseboards.
Tidied office/sewing room.
Clean off desk.
Declutter kitchen counter.
Tidy kitchen
Tidy living room
Clear off dining table
Clean powder room
Had kid tidy his room enough so you can now see the floor.
Tidy entrance hall – straighten shoes etc…

Updated yet again: DH was told he can't leave early because there are too many people out of the office today and they need him there - he can't go after work to get his Mom because they will get caught in weekend traffic and won't get back home until about 10 pm (seriously).

So it has been canceled and we will do it another time - whew - at least I have a clean house now :)


Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't suppose you can pop over and clean my house!!!

Have you checked out Frugal Shopper they have a post specifically for FOF. That way you can check what other people are getting. Some people also mention which stores they get things from. So that may help as well.


Kim said...

LOL are you kidding - I don't plan to clean mine again for at least a month! Kidding - kinda :)

I'll check out FrugalShopper thx

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Kim - I was laughing out loud when I was reading this post. It's too funny the way you describe it.

Anonymous said...

Oh my oh my! I was exhausted just reading that cleaning list. I'm thinking maybe I need a MIL like yours to motivate me! She needs to come about once a month.

I was just killing myself laughing at you messing up the canisters to give her something to organize!LOL You really do write well Kim