Saturday, 19 July 2008

I suppose I really should clean more often...

it looks nice clean.

I am going to be bold and show you before and after pictures!

This is how bad it was just a few days ago!

The after - still kind of cluttered but the
stuff is off the floor & the drawers can close
The oh so messy cutting table

Much betterSome of my fabric stash & sewing area
Much neater

My cluttered deskAnd my neat desk :)

Now to see how long it lasts :)


mommanator said...

Its always amazing to me how quickly clutter collects!

Anonymous said...

LOL! You've motivated me Kim! I'm cleaning up my studio for company that's coming Monday. They have a two year old. I'm just shuddering thinking about how to protect my sewing machine and serger, etc. I think I'll box them up till she leaves...

Enjoy your clean studio!


fatiah said...

It's the same story with most sewers. The house can look upside down when we are busy sewing.

Anonymous said...

I'm so envious of your space! :-)