Thursday, 24 July 2008

More baby fish (fry)

Baby fish are called fry.

If you remember from the last time, we saved 5 fry - we think the bigger fish ate the rest, as the mother can often give live birth to 20-40 fry at a time.

Some of the 5 fry we rescued died, we had 3 left when we went camping a couple weeks ago. My husband texted me while away, to say 2 of the 3 fry died, but he had found a new little fry in the tank.

The one last fry left from the first batch, was now large enough to go into the main tank and not be eaten.

So now we had 2 adult female mollies, 1 large female fry and one little fry. You still following?

Well Sunday morning as I was rushing around trying to get breakfast cooked and get ready to go to the baby shower, my son yells that there are more baby fry.

We found 13 this time!

Now the only good thing is that the male mollie died a week or so ago and so cannot impregnate the fish anymore - the bad news is that the female mollies save the sperm to fertilize themselves when they feel like it.

So 2 large fish and 1 med one in main tank.

The one under the birthing tank (where we put the most pregnant looking female fish), is the fry from the first batch we rescued about a couple months ago.

And 13 little fry and the one a week older are in the fry tank.

Can you see them?


Nancy said...

Hi Kim!

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We had guppies one time when our children were small. We had to get a birthing tank, too, to save the babies. Man, oh, man, they about took over! They multiply so fast and give birth to sooooo many!! We were overwhelmed witrh it all! LOL

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Gill - That British Woman said...

we used to keep fish, but I was the only one willing to clean out the tank!!!! No more fish now!!


(by the way its great minds that think alike to my mind, re: your post on my blog!!)