Sunday, 13 July 2008

My camping adventure Part 1

Well my sister, son and I left home at about 11am Friday morning and drove the 2.5 hours to the campground in Gananoque.

Only once we set up my sister's tent and started to set up mine did we run into some trouble.

Sis's tent and car

A little back story here - I had my husband locate and bring the tent up from the basement for me on Thursday evening. I asked him - no less then 3 times if he checked that all the pieces where there. He said yes each time.

He was a little surprised when I called him at work on my cell from the campground to tell him he didn't include the tent poles - any tent poles.

The way things were scheduled, he was lucky. My friend was coming up the next day, so all he had to do was get the poles to her that night after work. My sister's tent was large enough for my son and I to sleep with her that night - she would be sharing it with the exchange students who were coming with my friend on Saturday, hence the need for my own tent.

My friend's husband did come up on Friday evening, but he had already left home by the time we arrived and found the poles missing.

There was a pool at the campground right near us. When we arrived it was full of kids but soon emptied and we assumed (incorrectly) that is was then closed. So all afternoon I had to listen to my son state at least 567,943 times how bored he was.

Doesn't anyone but me read stuff? Read #5 and tell if you notice anything.

Until evening and we started the fire.

Oh we had dinner of cold oven-fried chicken first - kiddo didn't care for it because it was cold and he wanted to know why we couldn't just heat it in the fire (which wasn't yet lit), you still following?

Please ignore the carcass on the side - I had already
eaten one pc when I remembered to take pictures.
My lovely sister D and in the background you can
see T, my friend's husband setting up his tent.

And my son J, not too sure of cold chicken,
and T in the background again.
So we got the fire going, got the kid to stop whining and had a pleasant evening. J saw fireflies for the first time - hey we live in the city.

J stuffing his face and T wondering when
I am going to put my camera down

J playing with the flashlight like a light-saber
(and no the stuff on the table is not on fire - just looks that way :))
Friday night was pretty cold, colder than I had expected, but we huddled together and kept warm, (finally falling asleep around 1:30am when those inconsiderate people down the hill finally put their screaming/yelling children to bed), until a lovely noisy bird woke us up around 7am.

On Saturday my son took advantage of the pool and met a bunch of kids his age. As there was no lifeguard, I sat and watched him. Only after almost an hour, did I realize we had forgotten to put on sunblock. So when my sister came to the pool, I ran back to get it. I then proceeded to slather him in it and put some on my arms and legs - completely forgetting my neck/chest area, back of my neck and face. So where did I get burned?

And what is this nonsense with my skin burning anyhow - I have always tanned easily and quickly, I was always the darkest kid in the neighbourhood in the summer, I never burned. And now I burn - getting old sucks!

My friend and her exchange students arrived around 12 noon on Saturday.
She has a 14 yr old girl from Spain - Belen (pronounced Beh-lynn), and a 17 yr old girl from France named Elodie (like Melody but without the M, ie instead of Y and more of a French accent El-O-de).

Neither had ever been camping before - it was sure to be a fun weekend :)

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