Sunday, 27 July 2008

My very first award!

Thank you Vickie! My friend over at Frenchy Addict gave me this award - I am so honoured!

(Side note: When is blogger gonna allow Canadian spellings without correcting them? Language choice people!)

The rules are :
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  • Add link to the person who awarded you
  • Give 7 bloggers this award
  • Add link to awarded bloggers
  • Leave a comment to those awarded

Ok so now my chance to pass it on to other Brilliant Blogs - so fun!

Vickie of Frenchy Addict - A fellow Canadian - I am going to bestow this award back to her because she really does have an amazing blog. I met Vickie via a tote swap held by Down To Earth.  Vickie spins a tale of such beauty and serenity with her words and photos. She knows how to see the beauty of life in everything she does. I so want to live where she does. Hey I know your address Vickie, maybe I'll pop by sometime :) Kidding.....kinda.

Chocolatechic - I love to read about the daily lives of chocolatechic and her two chips (oh and her Superman too). She also has some really yummy looking recipes.

Lisa of Polka Dot Creations - Lisa is a Mom and polymer clay artist. She also really likes to make cute little skirts out of old amazing patterned sheets. She inspires me to want to do more sewing.

Melody of Trap Door - I don't even remember how I found Melody, but I love visiting her blog. She makes the most amazing looking food creations! I gain weight just reading about them :) She is also around my age - and I can totally relate to a lot of what she reminisces about.

Gil of The British Woman - Gil lives in the same Province as me, but a little too far for a visit. She introduced me to FOFing (something available at A&P grocery chains in Canada - you will have to check out her blog for more info). She also has some great recipes and she just seems like the type of person I could spend hours talking to.

SouleMama -  I am sure many of you already know of Amanda. She is an author of a couple family oriented crafting books. I love visiting her blog - it reminds me what life is supposed to be about. Slowing down and smelling the flowers.

Rhonda Jean of Down To Earth - A really great blog about simple living set in Australia. She inspires others to chose or at least try a simpler way of life and makes it look really easy and rewarding. She has raises chickens and sews and knits and had a vegetable garden and oh so much more. Yet another place I would like to live or at least visit :) She also hosts some really cool craft swaps.

I hope you take a minute to check out some of these blogs that I enjoy so much.


Gill - That British Woman said...

thank you for the award, you are so kind, and you are such a sweet person.


Melody said...

Right back at ya!


chocolatechic said...

Thanks so much.

Lisa Clarke said...

Thank you for the award - that's so sweet of you!

Vickie LeBlanc said...

You are welcome to drop by anytime Kim.

Melody said...

Thanks Kim!