Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ok I can breathe a bit now

I have finally finished the baby quilt!


I worked on it all day today. I even forgot to eat! Hey there may be a great diet idea in there someplace :)

If I decide to something this foolish again - someone please smack me with a baseball bat, ok?

I managed to miter the corners pretty decently.

Ok it looks decent enough to give as a gift. My stitches started out small and noticeable and ended up being more then invisible type they were supposed to be. Oh well.

Oh oh I just remembered that I still have a couple bibs to make - maybe this evening or tomorrow - or maybe a trip to WalMart is in order :)

You may need those baseball bats sooner than I thought - there is another baby due in September. I'll be making a panel quilt for that baby but I'll still have to quilt and bind it.

Who knows, maybe I will get better at this. I do have 2 other quilt tops waiting in the wings. :)

One is for my sister - but she is used to waiting several years for me to finish things for her - the other isn't allocated to anyone or anything yet.

I'll keep you updated - and thanks for all the compliments!

I'm now off to have a good stiff drink or 5 :)


mommanator said...

what a lovely quilt- good work! whenit's washed a few times who will see those stitches anyhow! The bay will love the colors!

Gill - That British Woman said...

That is a super quilt, you did a lovely job.


Kim said...

thanks :)

momto9 said...

oh my gosh those are lovely!!!