Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Wednesday Rambles

Wednesday Rambles...doesn't that just roll off the tongue?

Kinda like a 14 yr old saying "Hiiiii Mooooom" after an evening spent sharing a bottle of Blue Nun wine with two friends under the bleachers at school does.

What? You never did that? Nah, me neither, *cough*

So anywho.....Works for me Wednesday is on vacation this week, not that I had anything planned for it anyway, but so, I have to do something else.

So I figured I'd give y'all (not Southern (not even American :)) but like the sound of y'all) a peek at my latest baby quilt.

So I decided to try something a little different from the 1st baby quilt, so I got all fancy and changed the pattern a tad.

Then I continued with a border of pale yellow.

I attempted to miter the corners of the yellow border, because my sister (who is not the least bit crafty - by her own admission) said it would look nicer. After several failed attempts and several hours of thread ripping, I decided my non-crafty sister didn't know what the heck she was talking about and my non-mitered corners looked just fine -thank you very much!

I will be adding another wider border in the blue bug fabric and then the binding in the bright yellow bug fabric. I can't continue yet because I was lazy yesterday and did not wash the blue bug fabric and today is Wednesday.

Wednesday is Papa's (my father in-law who lives in our basement) laundry day, and even thought he only ever washes one small load (in hot! with a gallon (smells like) of bleach), it is his day, so I cannot use the machines - cause he might feel like washing 20 loads one day and if I were to use the machines on a Wednesday, his day, it would completely screw him up.

Ya ramble much?

So anyhow, I have to wait until tomorrow to wash the blue bug fabric and continue working on this quilt.

Oh and in other news....

my son woke up last night, I guess technically this morning at 12:30, with a bloody nose. He stood outside my office door (yes I was still on the computer) which is right next to the bathroom! and said "I think I have a nose bleed", all the while dripping blood onto my cream (ok dirty cream-coloured) carpet.

I got his nose to stop bleeding and then promptly Googled how to remove blood from carpets. Ah the wonders of technology. I managed to get it up...and the dirt hides what I couldn't get out.

I want to tell you that my son's soccer team won their game last night....but they didn't I won't.

Oh and it's raining again today.

So how is your day going?

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