Monday, 7 July 2008

Yes that is attached to my body...

Ok I don't think I have any male readers, but if I do...this may be a good post to skip....or you can read it and then thank God you are a man.

I just returned from the dreaded mammogram appointment. The last one I had was 4 yrs ago - so I was able to block out the memories and I wasn't too nervous going in.

I was the first appt of the day which is always good. However, today was training day, so the ultra perky tech who shall now be called Chatty Cathy, was explaining every single individual step to New-nurse Nancy.

So not only did I get the pleasure of standing naked from the waist up (yes they give you a gown but only to walk from the change room, then they ask that you remove it) in front of both of them, but while Chatty Cathy got me and my breasts to contort into some really uncomfortable positions, she made me hold these positions slightly longer so that she could explain the procedure to New-nurse Nancy.

This procedure is very hard for someone who hasn't had it done to imagine. Not only did they squeeze my C cups down to pancake proportions, but they also want to make sure that they also capture some of the muscle behind the breast - you know the one attached to my ribs! Breasts protrude from the body, these muscles don't. So it was a lot of Chatty Cathy grabbing a boob and plopping it on the oh so cold slab and then having me lean forward, no more forward, ok put your arm into this awkward position and hold this handle, now stand on your tip-toes, oh and get your arm fat out of there and move your face. Ok now hold still and don't breathe. Ya right. We did this 4 times - two pics of each side.

Thankfully, the entire procedure only takes about 15 minutes. Then you get to sit and pray (that they don't have to do any more) while they check if they got acceptable images. They did. Thank God.

So I will now start the process of removing this experience from my mind so that when I go back in a couple years I will be oblivious again :)

Back story: My 52yr old sister got breast cancer at age 20. She had a double mastectomy and is completely fine now. This is the reason I have been having regular mammograms since I was 20.


Gill - That British Woman said...

I know how you feel. I have middle of the road boobs, not too small and not overly big. I was asking my nurse how they manage with tiny boobs and she said they grab as much as they can and squish them in as much as they can. The same with big ones, they squish as much in as they can.

I went the other month as I did something with my shoulder muscles, so imagine having intense shoulder pain and them squishing your boobs in that machine.

In my mind it must have been a man who invented that machine!!!!

Gill from Canada

Gill - That British Woman said...

Kim I am in Ontario too. Its A & P, Dominion and 'Something Barn". Read the right hand side bar of my blog that explains things. Also go onto a great site called Frugal Shopper That has great deals and explains all about FOF-ing.


Gill - That British Woman said...

Kim I am replying to you through your own blog. You commented about SDM points, they are truly worth while collecting, again for a heads up to what is going on go onto Frugal Shopper, there is a special section on SDM.

For the FOF glad you figured out what's what on that. A tip for you though, either check out on my blog to see what I picked up for free, or check out on the FOF (in chit chat) thread to see what everyone else is getting for free.

The Renee's salad dressing in the produce section is always expiring, if you like that? I try and get juice, yogurt, milk and eggs for free all the time. Starbucks coffee expires, as does those 6 packs of soda's.

If you have any questions just ask.